Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn

BOOK 1- Bella

It starts with the book one with Bella’s perspective. When Edward agreed that she would be a vampire after graduation, he propose her two cars: the before-wedding-car and the after-wedding-car. She is not used to people staring at her in the car. As she drives, she saw “MISSING” pictures of Jacob because he learned about her engagement with Edward.

She remembered how Charlie reacted when she said she’s gonna marry Edward. He looked surprised and thought that his daughter was pregnant but he and Renee knew that the wedding will be coming. The couple told Charlie and Renee that they will be attending Dartmouth for college.

The night before the wedding, Edward and his brothers is having a bachelor party hunt and he left Bella alone in her room for the first time. She thought about the people and vampires coming for their wedding. The Denali sisters is attending and she remember’s the story of Carlisle about their mother’s death. Their mother created an immortal child. Immortal children is forbidden because they lack self-control and that will be the exposure of the vampire world so the Volturi had to kill them all including the one who created them.

At last, the wedding is on! Alice and Rosalie help Bella to prepare. Bella looks wonderful in her dress. They said “I do” and all the attendees congratulates the married couple including the tribe of the Quileutes. As they, Edward surprises Bella with a surprise dance with Jacob.  They chat and chat until the topic is about the honeymoon. Jacob lost his temper when Bella said that she is not gonna be a vampire in their honeymoon. He knows that vampires are strong and he thinks that Edward might hurt her.  Seth, a werewolf best friend of Edward,  and Edward finally restrain him and went back to the forest.

Bella, still feeling bad about what happened earlier, and Edward went to Isle Esme. It is a wonderful place that Carlisle gave to Esme. The first time that they made love left bruises on Bella. Edward fely guilty for what happened so he decided not to make love to her until she was a vampire. But Bella didn’t like the idea so she made her own way so they try again.

Days later, when Edward is gone on a hunt, Bella is starving and eats a whole chicken in the fridge.  She thought that the chicken made her sick. But one day, she notices that her baby bump is bulging. Edward wants to get rid on “that thing” that threatens Bella’s wife. But she , feeling protective for the child, calls Rosalie for help. they returned to forks immediately



The book of Eclipse starts with anonymous murders in Seattle. Edward had an idea that these are newborn attacks. This makes Charlie worry about Bell’s safety. But she and Edward insisted on filling college applications. They even plan when she will become a vampire.

Jacob Black, Bella’s werewolf friend, became a major character in this novel. She starts to hang around with him when she is going to La Push. Then one day, Jake confesses her love to her and forcefully kissed her. Bella didn’t like the idea so she punches him and ending up broking her hand. When she came home, Charlie asks Jake how Bella broke her hand and he’s happy about the reason.

On the other hand, Victoria is creating a new army that will revenge for her through Riley, a newborn vampire who has affection to her.

Alice foresaw the future and told the family about the newborns. They have prepared with the help of werewolves. They Cullen even hid Bella in the mountains so that the newborns can’t track her.

Before the attack, Edward proposed to Bella and they planned that she will become a vampire after the graduation. The idea upsets Jacob. He thinks that his life is not good enough if Bella will be married with Edward. He thinks of sacrificing himself in the fight. But Bella stopped him. She pleaded him to kiss her. The kiss was so intense that Bella is confused. She then realizes that she loves both Edward and Jacob.

When the newborn attacked, the werewolves and the Cullens are well-prepared. They beat the newborns including Victoria. But there is one left, Bree. She is the newborn who surrendered but the Volturi won’t allow her to live. So they killed her.

After the attack, Jacob was injured due to Lea’s selfishness. Bella was so worried but Jacob won’t talk to her.

New moon

New Moon

The novel starts with the celebration of Bella’s 18th birthday at the Cullen’s home. When she opens a present, she had a paper cut and Jasper, the newest member to adopt the vegetarian diet, lost his senses and attacks her. Edward jumps between them and saved her.

He did realize that they are dangerous to Bella. So he decided to go away with his family. He was forced to lie that he didn’t love her anymore to make their break up easy to handle. But for Bella, it meant like she died without him by her side. She lived for months but didn’t look like she has a life. Until one night, she walks around town to do a favor for Charlie and she sees a group of drunken men. She remembered how Edward saved her that night. As she walks closer, there is a voice inside her head telling her not to do anything reckless. It’s Edward’s.

After that incident, she discovered that whenever she is close to danger, she hears his voice subconsciously. She even requests her best friend Jacob Black to repair the two motorcycles that she saw down the street.

On the other hand, Victoria, the mate of James, plans to get revenge on Edward by killing his mate too and that is Bella. That time, Bella jumps off a cliff because she was so desperate to hear Edward’s voice. She almost drown, thankfully, Jake saved her.

Alice saw the vision of Bella and thought that she is dead. Edward, with a mind reading gift, saw that in her mind. He decides to expose himself in the sun in the festival so that the Volturi will kill him.

But Alice’s vision came again and she saw Bella alive. She tried to persuade him but he refused. Alice made up her mind to go to Bella and tell what is happening to Edward. They fly at once. Before Edward show himself in the sun, Bella stopped him.

The Volturi wants to kill her for she knows enough of the vampire world. But the two Cullen’s refused. The Volturi was interested in Bella’s characteristics because no vampire skills can affect her. So they decided to let her live if and only if she is going to be a vampire. Alice, Edward and Bella left and went back to Forks. The two lovebirds decided not to leave each other again whatever it takes.



Twilight begins in the perspective of Isabella “Bella” Swan, daughter of Charlie Swan. Bella was never happy until she saw Edward Cullen. Edward is a seventeen-year-old boy who dazzled everyone with his beauty. Actually he’s not the only one that is dazzling because his whole family, also known as the Cullens with seven yellow-eyed members, were the most beautiful people in Forks that everyone desires. They actually feed on animal’s blood that’s why they consider themselves “vegetarian”.

At first, Bella avoids Edward but she keeps an eye on him. Even though she avoids him, he grew fond of her. That’s why she knew suddenly that he is different from the other kids. A vampire. He tried to avoid the Swan girl because Bella, her only love, has the sweetest scent of blood he smelled. But the relationship worked out with the amazing self-control of Edward and approval of the whole family of the Cullen. Almost.

One day, the Cullen clan decided to have a baseball match with Bella. They didn’t know that  the other group of vampires will show up. Victoria, James and Laurent. As James smelled the beautiful scent of Bella, be became obsessed with her blood. But he didn’t succeed at first because the Cullens protected her so he made an idea. He held captive Rene, mother of Bella, but it’s just a trap. Bella came and James bit her. Leaving her in the floor bleeding. That’s when Edward came. He wrestled with James. But he is no match with Edward because of the rest of the Cullen that came. They tear James from limb to limb and burned his body.

Carlisle insisted that Edward should sip the venom out of Bella’s wrist but not prepared for the hunger that he felt when he taste her blood but he resisted.

Bella wakes up in the hospital with her mom by her side and Edward ‘sleeping’ on the couch. Her mom insists that she go back with her in Phoenix. But she refused.

The book ended with the prom. Bella and Edward promise each other to be together forever…


Twilight, written by Stephenie Meyer, is a fantasy-novel about 3 kinds of being in the world. It tackles about the forbidden love between the human being named Bella and the vampire named Edward. It also tackles about how a teenage girl manage to fall in love with two different kind of person. These series composed of four books namely: Twilight; New Moon; Eclipse; and Breaking Dawn.